Thursday, February 23, 2006

Thank you 3GSM Barcelona

I'm not going to post a huge dissertation about the good and bad from Barcelona this year. You can get that from the newspapers and frankly I don't have the time having spent ALL of last week at the show and am now buried under a few thousand emails (WiFi at La Fira was pretty hit and miss and I was too busy partying at night).

Suffice to say, that I was very pleased with the show itself, the facilities at La Fira (except the WiFi), and the city of Barcelona coped very well! There were plenty of taxis and the restaurants didn't run out of food or drink! Lucky for them because the Eastern Research crowd I was with are notorious for their hunger and thirst.....

I will air one complaint here in the hopes that someone from Lehman Brothers will read it and fix it for next year. Lehman - your party at Shoko was lame lame lame. I showed up at 8.45pm (it started at 8pm) and all the food had gone. I had to blag a special plate of sushi for me and my colleagues. The place was dark and not conducive to networking. The cava was good, but the red wine was nearly undrinkable. All in all a big disappointment especially compared to the kick ass parties you've hosted before. Try harder next year. I hope you invite me again!

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martin said...

Never mind the WiFi, UMTS networks on the exhibition ground worked just fine for reading eMail and blogging :-)