Friday, May 15, 2009

Round up Week 20, 2009

Here's my round up of cool articles in the travel, internet and gadget space:

Youtube is more influential than the New York Times, according to Technorati.

Like super spicy food? Alison Stein Wellner at WorldHum explores middle America, in the 5th and final instalment of her search for the spiciest food in the world.

How to avoid being attacked by your simian cousin. Hilarious, also from WorldHum.

TheTravelEditor launches its travel gadget reviews section. Brilliant stuff. We've got our very own Kitmaster doing all the reviews. If you have a product you want tested, get in touch with me kevin at thetraveleditor dot com.

Also new at TheTravelEditor, mini-guides to Malta, Rio, Jersey, and more.

Looking for a Marrakesh hotel? Look no further. We've just published a load of new riads and guesthouses.

10 Tatoo Cliches to Avoid at All Costs, courtesy of Matador Pulse.

That's all for this week. Peace.


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