Friday, July 03, 2009

Travel & Technology Roundup - Week 27, 2009

Have been busy busy busy so apologies for being incognito for a couple of weeks. Here's a quick round up of the coolest things I found in travel and tech this week:

US Independence Day is coming, and here are the best places to watch fireworks according to National Geographic.

More on that theme from NG: here's a map showing legality of fireworks by state. Very interesting that lots of yankee states have outright bans on fireworks.

In India, they have finally repealed the ban on homosexuality. Great story from Matador Pulse.

I love the guys at Spot Cool Stuff. They have a beautiful site and great content. This week I found the Top places that look like they came from a Dr Seuss story. The interesting thing is I tweeted the story (not following TheTravelEditor on Twitter? Shame on you) and it got RT'd literally dozens of times as a result. It didn't quite go viral, but it sure picked up some momentum for a few days. I wonder if I can do that with some content?

Another cool story from Spot Cool Stuff: 8 alternative powered motorcycles. They run on solar, hydrogen and electricity. Cool!

Here's the round up of all the cool stuff at

We've added some wonderful new Antigua hotel reviews and Jamaica hotel reviews to our Caribbean Travel Guide.

Great mini-city guide to Santa Barbara, California by Anthea. She talks about the upcoming music and wine festivals, especially the New Noise Festival as well as some noodling about Michael Jackson's legacy.

We published a new Vancouver City Guide, comments are welcome as it's still a work in progress.

New Mini city guide to Rotterdam. I had no idea Rotterdam had such wacky architecture.

A wonderful travel guide to Jordan, the Dead Sea, Petra, Aqaba and more.

We're always adding new spas to our health spa reviews site.

Finally, lots of new travel product reviews: Digital & FM Radio Reviews, Luggage Reviews, Guide Book Reviews, and Travel Clothes reviews.

Oh, one more thing. Why is the Billingham 555 - Camera bag so popular? We're getting tons of traffic to our review.

Happy travels,

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